Passion for Creative is a full service advertising agency based in Waterford, Ireland. We provide a full range of web design, brand design and graphic design services.

Brand Strategy Review

Getting to know you. We deliver our best ideas by engaging with the key stakeholders first. It is this collaboration that enables us to come up with a unique idea for each credit union. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all mentality. Every credit union is different...

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Big Idea

Creating your brand story. People don’t really care ‘what’ you do. They want to know ‘why’ you do it. That’s why you need your own tone of voice and style of imagery – a positioning statement and visual theme that sets you apart from the competition, that only you can own...

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Logo Design

Every credit union has a logo, even it’s just the universal credit union symbol. Depending on the circumstances and agreed objectives, we sometimes suggest a brand re-design or makeover, which includes a new logo...

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Marketing Plan

If you wish, we can prepare a marketing plan that outlines your key goals and action points on a monthly calendar. Working to an agreed budget and timeframe, we will include a full schedule and cost summary of recommended media so you know exactly what’s...

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Direct Mail

One of the best ways to communicate with members is to write them a letter. You’re talking to people who already know you, so they are more likely to respond favourably. You can personalise it to each member and segment by demographic and loan type...

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Web Design

The problem with credit union websites is that they all look the same. This is because they’re mostly designed by the same two companies – Progress and Wellington – who provide the software management system for your online banking. While there are some advantages to keeping everything with the one provider...

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Social Media

Social media has its place but it’s not the be-all and end-all. You can be driven to distraction if you’re not careful. So don’t spread yourself too thinly. Focus on a few things and do them well...

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Online Video

Videos are a great way of communicating with members and the wider community, be it on your website or social media. As a marketing company, we create videos that tell your brand story...

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Monthly Retainer

We love working with credit unions. So much so that many of them ask to go on a monthly retainer with us. It means we’re always on hand whenever they need any marketing, advertising or design support...

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