Direct Mail

We are big fans of direct mail

One of the best ways to communicate with members is to write them a letter. You’re talking to people who already know you, so they are more likely to respond favourably. You can personalise it to each member and segment by demographic and loan type. You also can measure the results which makes it very accountable. We have a lot of experience writing and designing such letters, using tried and tested scientific techniques.

Door drops are a great way of reaching your common bond

As well as personalised direct mail, we also create door drop leaflets. These are a great way of reaching every household in your common bond. We can arrange delivery through An Post or a private operator, whichever is the best option in your area. We’ll also advise you on the content and timing so as to maximise the response. In our experience, door drops are an excellent way of reaching a large number of people in a particular area.