Web Design

The problem with credit union websites is that they all look the same

This is because they’re mostly designed by the same two companies – Progress and Wellington – who provide the software management system for your online banking. While there are some advantages to keeping everything with the one provider, the one big disadvantage is that it’s almost impossible to stamp your own identity on the website because you’re constrained by their template.

Your website needs to be unique and showcase your brand story

This is especially the case when you have a new campaign you want to roll out. Yes, you can probably update some of the content and images on your current website, but not to the extent that’s recommended. You should have the flexibility and freedom to update your own website and make it your own.

We understand what makes a good website.

In our experience, a website needs a strong first impression and a clear call to action. It needs to reflect who you are and what you do, across all platforms and devices. It must strike the right balance between visual appeal and technical structure. Above all, it needs to look like it belongs to your credit union, not the people who built it.

Our standard price includes:

  • WordPress content management system (so you can edit the website yourself)
  • Initial search engine optimisation (so people can find you in Google)
  • Responsive design (so your website can be viewed correctly on mobile devices)
  • Stock photography from (where available)
  • Google Analytics (so you can monitor traffic to your website)

We can also help you with the following:

  • Domain registration and website hosting
  • Bespoke photography and videography
  • Creative copywriting (€80 per hour)
  • Additional design (infographics, diagrams)
  • Post-launch service & support (€960 per annum)

Online Banking

When it comes to the online banking part of the website, we simply link to your current provider (Wellington or Progress) who will continue to manage that side of things for you. We just concern ourselves with the public facing (front end) part of the website.

Content Insertion

When building the website, we populate all the pages with the relevant content. We just need you to supply a rough draft of the initial content or links to sources where we can find it. We will then proof-read, edit and finetune the content so that it reads well and works for Google.

Estimated Timeframe

Based on previous experience, a credit union website usually takes 8 – 10 weeks to build. This allows time for us to gather the content, design a draft, build a prototype, send you a preview link, make any required edits, populate the pages, give you some training, then test and launch it.