Logo Design

Every credit union has a logo, even it’s just the universal credit union symbol. Depending on the circumstances and agreed objectives, we sometimes suggest a brand re-design or makeover, which includes a new logo.

When designing a new logo, we don’t necessarily start from scratch. Sometimes it makes sense to just tweak or refresh the existing logo. That way the design change isn’t too radical, and a link is maintained with the past.

Our logo design package typically includes:

  • A minimum of three concepts to choose from
  • Up to two sets of edits (if required) to finalise the chosen design
  • Completed logo in a full range of file formats suitable for print, web and in-house usage
  • Set of guidelines that outlines the exact use of your logo, colours and fonts. This is particularly useful when briefing different suppliers (e.g. printers, signage companies) and ensuring brand consistency across all media.