Brand Strategy Review

Getting to know you.

We deliver our best ideas by engaging with the key stakeholders first. It is this collaboration that enables us to come up with a unique idea for each credit union. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all mentality. Every credit union is different.

Initial brainstorm session

We start by facilitating a brainstorming session with the key stakeholders (usually the Board of Directors and senior management team). It takes 2-3 hours, and we can do it in-person, over Zoom, even after hours, whatever suits you best.

The aim is to provide an opportunity for everyone involved to voice their opinions and share their suggestions. By stripping away the corporate speak, we can get to the core of the issues and what really matters to your members.

Here are the key questions we ask:

  • Motivation – Why would anyone become a member?
  • Performance – How do you compare to your competitors?
  • Personality – What type of characteristics do you display?
  • Role – What part do you play in the lives of your members?
  • Brand Essence – What are you really selling?

A brand strategy review is the best place to start when working with us. By discussing the issues and gaining consensus, it gets all the key stakeholders aligned, and gives us the insights we need to come up with a great idea.